Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The enigma of artmaking

This one took a while before it fell into place. I really had to rub it out of the canvas. Yet when it started to yield I could feel it come together. When that happens, that a painting "arrives" in a way which you could never have foreseen, it feels really weird and magical.

'Birds Flapping - Tune of Change' - Acrylics on canvas - 55x46 cm - Niklas J Brandow

The Rule of Red

I was happy to see another red painting take shape in my studio. Since I work in a very intuitive fashion I don't really get to decide these things. Red is a very sensitive colour which can easily become too much and break up the balance of a piece. In this case I think we're okay. I'm not sure what this image means, if it has a meaning at all, but the shapes and colours made me go for a pretty title.

'Love Ascend' - Acrylics on canvas - 50x61 cm - Niklas J Brandow

Monday, March 19, 2018

A very nice feeling

In the beginning of February something happened when I was working in my studio. I sensed an inner shift of sorts which I believe changed my approach to painting. As an artist I would say that I am now more fearless, not as easily charmed, and my darlings now drop dead in deep mass graves of paint. ; )

I guess I have come to a point where painting is so every day that I no longer need to protect the results of my work, and that freedom (to destroy) enables me to take my creations further. That's what it feels like anyway. It somehow makes the work of painting richer and more enjoyable. I feel as if I'm able to work myself deeper into the canvas, making it give up another level of its secrets.

This is the first piece made since whatever happened. I call it Awakened Lands.

'Awakened Lands' - Acrylics on canvas - 81x65 cm - Niklas J Brandow

New Constructions

I've been negligent when it comes to updating this blog. It's time to change that, especially since I paint a lot more now than ever. Here is a piece that's a bit different from most of my work. It was made especially for the office of a construction company so I decided to go with harder and more geometrical forms, which I think worked well in this case, and it was very well received. I made it the spring of 2017.

'Hills to Houses' - Acrylics on wood panel - 150 60 cm - Niklas J Brandow (Sold)