Monday, February 18, 2019

Opening a dream

When I was in my early twenties and was awakening to my artistical self I sometimes saw strange inner images before me which I believe represented what I wanted to accomplish as an artist. They were a waking dream of sorts and even while the imagery wasn't very clear I found them very attractive in a mysterious sort of way. I wanted to see them. I yearned to create them. The following painting is probably the first piece I've made that has some of the quality of those dream paintings of the past. Watching this painting brings back those memories. I believe I may be getting closer to the essense of my work.

'Opening a Dream' - Acrylics on canvas - 50x65 cm

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Rivers of lava and rivers of life

From the great mountains comes rivers of water, which makes life possible in the lands below, but fire too, comes from the mountains, bringing death and renewal if we take a positive approach. Water too can kill, flooding populated areas and producing land-slides. I find it interesting and a bit humbling to consider these double-edged gifts of the powerful and mysterious heights. This piece is called 'Fire and Water From the Heights'

'Fire and Water From the Heights' - Acrylics on canvas - 54x65 cm

Creating a moment

As I watched this painting take form I considered a primordial world where fires roared and forged, if you will, the landscapes later able to support the many forms of life we know today. Creation it seems happens through explosions, eruptions, and in great furnaces. I also like thinking about Creation as something which is still happening - the so called 'Big Bang' never stopped - that same energy is still moving through the Universe, but now in the many movements and forms we know as every day life. What does the creation of this very moment look like. What is required to happen behind the scenes for THIS moment to be real-ized?

'In the Making of a Moment' - Acrylics on canvas - 65x50 cm

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Remembering the ancient past

Looking at this, I see stories. I often do when I behold my work. Many things are happening in there, which made me ponder the idea of transgenerational memories. It may not be the kind of memories easily seen or recalled, but a deeper, inherited kind, which becomes integrated in the bones and marrow, influencing who you are (perhaps a result of all generations before you). I also thought about the 'Now' as a place where all times exist, but only one is registered or revealed. Just thoughts.

'Transgenerational Memories - Acrylics on canvas - 51 x 60 cm'

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Climbing Olympus

Let's continue the theme of mountains from the previous post. Olympus is a famous mountain of mythology. It is where the Gods live, according to the ancient Greek mind-set. This was actually, and still is, a fairly common notion in many parts of the world - that the mountains are home to divine powers. Is there any truth in such ideas and images? Can they be helpful at all? Perhaps shed some light on the structure or experience of our inner selves, or maybe on our relationship to the vertical dimension of experience? In any case mountains are powerful, and I love being in and among them, even when they scare me.

'On the Slopes of Olympus' - Acrylics on canvas - 65x81 cm

To discover your mountain

New work.

This is my first acrylic piece from 2019. It took a while to make it come together in a satisfying manner.
Are there mountains on the inside too?
Can they be scaled?
Can you build a home on them?

'To Discover Your Mountain' - Acrylics on canvas - 81x65 cm

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The moonlight world

A piece from 2018 which has remained unposted until now. While colorful and fairly bright I have a feeling that this "scene" is taking place at night. Hence the title.

'The Moonlight Powers' - Acrylics on canvas - 81x65 cm - Niklas J Brandow