Friday, February 22, 2019

A dancing world

In the Orient, and perhaps in Japan especially, many regular activities have developed into activities of great art, like serving tea, raking gravel, archery, writing characters, and trimming trees. The focus and presence required to perform these arts successfully can lead to inner development and to spiritual progress - they can become meditation.

Abstract Expressionism, on the contrary, is a Western discipline, completely lacking the strict forms and precise manners of the Eastern arts. As such, it can potentially lead to the same results but takes the practitioner on a path much closer to magic, and much closer to madness. Unbound and unruly, it may lead the mind astray…
...especially if combined with potato chips and diet coke on a regular basis.

Now, you don't need to enter very deeply into madness to realize that the whole world is dancing. … or do you? In that case, let's rephrase it into something like; everything is energy, and as such it is not still for a moment.

'The Music and Dance of Everything' - Acrylics on canvas - 65x50 cm

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