Monday, August 13, 2012

A New Bloggish Dawn

From now on this will be the prime online presence of my paintings and other fine art projects. The old site will stay up for quite some time to come, but this is the blog to bookmark if you wish to keep updated on my present and future art activities.

To get this blog rolling, I thought I'd post some paintings from a black and white series in acrylics, which I made a few years back. Some of these have been on display on a couple of locations in Denmark, at Kristenehamn Art Museum, Sweden, and in my home. Let's begin with a painting I call 'Entering as Two'.

'Entering as Two' - Acrylics on Canvas - 46 x 38 cm - Niklas J Brandow

As always, you shouldn't care much about my titles, which merely reflect my personal initial reaction to a piece, yet looking at this one I saw a couple coming together into (or leaving) a cave of some importance. Perhaps it is about personal development, or inner transformation, achieved through relationship, benefiting both parties.

I'll post some more of these black and whites, while I let my new (colorful) paintings hang for a while. If they hold up, you should see a couple of them here in a few weeks. Welcome!

(I appreciate all help to get some audience over this way in the initial stages. If you enjoy what you see you can like or tweet, below. Thanks!)

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