Thursday, August 23, 2012

The world in color

Here is the first image of my new work, which I intend to update this blog with, as long as I keep painting. I will not share everything, but a good deal of what I produce will be published here. For the rest of it, you shall have to visit future exhibition, or come take a look for yourself in my studio.

As Worlds Swam By - Painting by Niklas J Brandow
'As Worlds Swam By' - Acrylics on canvas - 100 x 81 cm - Niklas J Brandow

I like the motion in this one, and for some reason I think it has an ancient kind of mood to it, despite the playful forms. Perhaps it is the many ochre fields reminding me of old paintings and the mountains of historical Greece.

Feel free to leave a comment about what you see or think! Make sure to click the pic for a larger view, and please share, if you like... and dare.
(last part added for the sake of the rhyme...)

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