Monday, August 20, 2012

The Birth of an Artist

Where does artistry begin? Did it ever? Do all children who are given a box of crayons enjoy using them? Do we continue any action for long without encouragement?

Impressions must lead to expressions. It is like breathing, in and out. All human beings who are physically able to, make sounds, and use their bodies to convey emotions, except perhaps those who are overcome by true apathy. Isn't it strange to limit our ways of expressing ourselves to words, when there are such amazing channels as painting, sculpturing, music-making, and dancing about?
It is likely that creativity and artistry is inherit in all of us - as a potential anyway. Our children spend a lot of time learning how to speak and write, but fewer spend any serious time, seriously learning how to paint (for example).... and only those who do, ever realize the full wealth of a new "language" - a new means of expression, interaction, and if one wishes - power. It is also, and entirely new way of thinking.

This painting (the last in this series of black and whites that I intend to post here) is like all my other work, a mystery to myself. As I initially watched it I saw white figures, or spirits moving about in the lower middle and right section. Seeing them I started to imagine a place where spirits (or souls) were created. Be it a hatchery or a factory, or something entirly mysterious, I don't know, but I ended up naming the piece “The Cradle of Souls”. Perhaps then, it is not where souls are made, but where they are raised and prepared for individuality. Maybe this is where the gift (or curse?) of artistry is bestowed? ; )

'The Cradle of Souls' - Acrylics on Canvas - 273 x 100 cm - Niklas J Brandow

I have ordered a new camera, to more simply and more efficiently make better reproductions of my artwork. When it arrives I will start shooting my new color work. Until then - paint something!
(You can click the images for a larger display...)

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  1. Barn har 100 språk men berövas 99 säger man väl i reggio Emilia.... Isa